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Provides IT services, especially for Chinese businesses in USA. It has established an outstanding record for providing IT solutions to meet the needs of the client organization in the global enterprise marketplace.  Chinatown Online Co. considers the IT as a core competency and supports many global organizations across a variety of market verticals.   

Chinatown Online Co. has built its reputation as a best of breed IT provider by offering leading expertise, unmatched experience and unique, proven methodologies delivering a measurable track record of success.  Chinatown Online Co. provides the most thorough and accurate project deliverable in the marketplace, providing the client with a true view into their network and IT asset  posture.  

The client will also benefit from Chinatown Online Co.’s focused expertise in IT. Our engineers are highly skilled and spend 100% of their time in your IP projects. Our devotion to specific disciplines ensures the highest quality deliverable to the client for their networks and systems.

Why us?

Benefits of Teaming with Chinatown Online Technology Service

We design and work on our customers’ needs. We understand their needs and provide satisfactory services. Our skilled professionals will complete all projects in a highly qualified manner.

World Class Services through Proven Practices

Our engineers are highly trained and skilled with rich experiences. They perform on a highly professional standard.

Developed by in-house industry experts, Chinatown Online Technology Service engineers use proprietary methodologies to rigorously work. They begin with a detailed planning phase during which your specific requirements and concerns are discussed.

Chinatown Online Technology Service engineers gather information about target systems and applications. Each step in the process is communicated to the client before work begins and continues until its completion.

Extend Your Team with the Best Staff

Chinatown Online Technology Service engineers are highly trained, and offer over a decade of industry experience.  Each engineer is encouraged to develop a technological specialization, and areas of expertise span a gamut of technologies. Our engineers have conducted under the most rigorous guidelines for government intelligence and law enforcement agencies, as well as financial, energy, pharmaceutical, healthcare, publishing and manufacturing enterprises. 

Increase Staff Expertise through Reporting and Knowledge Transfer

Chinatown Online Technology Service provides project engagements in which knowledge transfer and open the client communication are paramount to long-term success.  Chinatown Online Technology Service engineers provide interim findings and recommendations throughout the engagement, and are continually available to answer questions or discuss issues.  At the conclusion of a project, a complete report will be furnished to the customer.

Chinatown Online Co.’s final reports serve as comprehensive guides to manage the finished projects.


We provide all IT services, including design, setup, maintenance of networks, systems, data centers, security etc.

Our Promises

We deliver our work in a highly professional and timely manner.

We guarantee our contracted projects.

The client’s worries and concerns are ours.

We meet the client’s satisfactions.

In a word, we keep our promises.

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华埠在线名誉卓著, 提供最好的专门技术,具有丰富的经验和独特行之有效的方法。华埠在线提供最详尽和最准确的项目交付。提供客户全范围的信息技术服务。







我们根据客户的具体要求和关心,在与客户的讨论中制定一个详细的计划。我们将与客户共同建立一个时间表, 并且讨论每步过程。按质按量按时完成各个项目。


我们的工程师具有高度训练技能, 和十年以上的工作经验。他们被鼓励开发技术专业化, 掌握各种技能。工程师根据最严谨的指南对各行各业进行施工。












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