Resting at Chinatown

If you feel tired and want to take a break, you can rest awhile at Chinese bakery shops where you can enjoy the delicious Chinese cakes and drinks, listen to Chinese chatting, watch them playing Chinese games, ask them where to buy cheap things and what restaurants are good, etc. Cafes are another place to rest where you will find more young people while bakery shops are crowded with more older Chinese.

Columbus Park is a good place for a break where Chinese kids are playing most of time. (photo)

Also, do not forget to have an ice cream from the famous store on the Mott Street. (photo)

Public bathrooms are rare in Chinatown. You can try those in restaurants and stores.

Hotels, inns or motels are not seen in Chinatown. If you want to stay up in a Chinese/Asian hotel, Flushing is the place to go.